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This 130 Foot Doublet has 70 feet of Ladder-Snap hanging free below it.  It's light weight makes a perfect Flat-Top antenna strung between two trees.  It also has a low cross section which means less wind resistance.  This antenna is at radio station N8BX and is used with a Nye Viking antenna tuner with the balanced output for use on all bands 80-10 meters including the WARC bands.  Its performance is simply amazing. (lucky me, I got a picture of a V-22 Osprey in the picture this day)
To Purchase, select the drop down box below for USA or International shipping.  For check or money order please send us an email to confirm the order and use the information on the Contact Us link.  We will happily accept your check or money order.

Price is ($46.00 for the 100 foot kit), or ($99.00 for the 250 foot kit)
Includes Postage in the USA

Email for a price on postage for international

Email N8BX@DTSOHIO.COM for orders.  Paypal, check or money order accepted


Now Make your own 600 ohm Ladder-Line in a Snap!
Our Ladder-Snap (Made in USA) spreaders allow you to painlessly make ladder-line using 14 AWG THHN wire (solid or stranded) sold at home improvement stores.  Quickly you can Snap together your ladder line in lengths you need.  Keep some spreaders handy & pick up the wire at Lowes or Home Depot when you need to make antennas.  No waiting or paying costly shipping on hard to find 14 gage window line.  Make it as you go and only use what you need.  Very high performance, low loss and cost effective.  Indestructible UV Stabilized Delrin Material.  Good for up to 5000 watts of RF.  Recommended spacing is one Ladder-Snap every 18 inches.  Sold in 100 or 250 foot kits